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Sale Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands ® For Legs & Calves 3 Inch Wide Knee Style Blood Flow Restriction - Bfr

Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands ® For Legs & Calves, 3 Inch Wide Knee Wrap Style Bands, Blood Flow Restriction Bands


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Bfr bands
BFR Bands

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  • EXTRA WIDE BANDS: Our Double Wrap Occlusion Training Bands ® are 3 inches wide and are designed to offer superb restriction of blood flow through the working limb to the targeted muscles. These Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles in order to pre-fatigue slow twitch muscle fibers and diminish their response to workout loads, but to enable fast twitch muscle fibers to respond quickly to exercise training loads, resulting in faster lean muscle growth.
  • INCREASED FACTORS FOR MUSCLE GROWTH: Studies show BFR training can increase muscle protein synthesis, NOS-1 expression and mTOR signaling, resulting in increased muscle growth. The studies also show BFR training can boost muscle growth and enhance potential for muscle gain by reducing Myostatin concentrations.
  • QUICKER LEAN MUSCLES AND SUPERB TONE WITHOUT LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS: The occlusion training bands induce hypertrophy at very low loads (usually 10-30% of a 1RM). When applied to working limbs and paired with loads of 10-30% of a 1RM (lots of reps and very low rest until fatigue sets in), the results achieved are typically similar to those achieved with 80% 1RMs. Indeed, the Ischemic bands give lean muscles and amazing tone quickly and without heavy weight lifting.
  • EXTRA-STRONG AND SUPER-COMFORTABLE BFR BANDS: Furnished with an extra strong elastic strap and patent-pending double wrap hook & loop fastener design, the Double Wrap BFR training bands are easy to strap up, effortless to release as soon as the exercise is completed, and exceptionally comfortable on the legs or calves. Each BFR Bands ® order comes with 2 bands total to allow you to exercise both legs at the same time.

These bands are easy to strap up, easy to remove as soon as the exercise is completed, and exceptionally comfortable on the working limb. They are applied to the upper thighs or calves and paired with loads of 10-30% of a 1RM in order to achieve lean muscle and great tone quickly without heavy weight-lifting. These bands have a patent-pending double wrap design which makes them very easy to put on the legs and to keep optimal pressure throughout your workout. These bands are primarily designed for legs or calves. If you are looking for the best occlusion training bands, buy BFR Bands Double Wrap Model. Click "Add to Cart" now!


*Carrying case sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews Write a review

High quality - good design - effective blood restriction
High quality product - the feel of the bands is solid, the velcro is strong and does not touch your skin when wrapped around your leg. The dual velcro design (see their video) is very effective at allowing me to put the bands on and to get them tight enough. I was able to get a very good workout "pump" on my legs using these straps. To try out BFR, I purchased the thin blue straps with white buckles that you can see on Amazon. Those are fine for the arms, but I was unable to get them tight enough for my legs. That is the reason I purchased these BFR Bands, and I am quite happy to have them for my legs.

- W. Crawford

Like 'em
I was skeptical - sounded like bro-science. Used them and amazing pump as expected but also muscle soreness that I think will lead to hypertrophy. Just starting to use them so I can't plot any changes but I believe this is a good way to mix it up and is ideal for bad joints because you can lift lighter and get a good workout. Feels weird stressing on the light weights though.

- TAMc

Very useful!
PROS: It has been great for me as I'm recovering from my knee surgery (meniscectomy). It is very comfortable because of its width, and it still provides the compression needed. I improved over 1 centimeter per week of thigh circumference by following the product orientations.
CONS: the very end of the band is already folding up (after a good month of use). It's not a big deal, but it can be a little bit uncomfortable depending on the clothes​ you wear.

- Amazon Customer

Great BFR bands
Awesome wraps for your legs! I used them for the first time on Wednesday and got a great fit and pump while using them to do both leg extension and leg curl as compound movements.

- S. Zimmerman

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