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Sale Elite 2.0 Bfr Bands ® - Occlusion Training - Designed For Blood Flow Restriction

Elite 2.0 BFR Bands ® - Occlusion Training Bands ® - Designed for Blood Flow Restriction Training


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Bfr bands
BFR Bands

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Furnished with a comfortable elastic nylon strap and a quick-release cam buckle, the Elite BFR training bands are easy to strap up, effortless to release as soon as the exercise is completed, and exceptionally comfortable on the working limb. Each BFR Bands ® order comes with 2 bands to allow you to exercise both legs or both arms at the same time. Our brand new Elite 2.0 Bands are thicker, longer (40 inches instead of 30) and includes a new marking system for increased precision and symmetry. Click ‘Add to Cart’ Now!

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review

Just super!!!
Super high quality product (I mean, professional quality..), super knowledgeable seller, super fast shipping. These bands will work as good as your knowledge of them lets them work. If they don't work, it's your fault for not being educated. The seller is highly qualified and has created a LOT of documentation on how to use them and how to develop yourself with them. The seller will also email you a week after purchase to check in on you, and he will carry on a conversation and reply VERY quickly. A++++++ product. The wraps are high quality, the Velcro is high quality, they are comfortable (well, as comfortable as you can expect what is in essence a tourniquet to be...) !

- Matter

Easy on, easy off !!
These work great. The Velcro makes for very easy on and very easy off. And no slippage. Once they're on, they're on. The first time I had the bands for the arms on too tight, but it was very easy to loosen them. I never thought I could make my arms sore using two 5-pound weights for bicep curls and triceps curls! And I'm only using two 10-pound weights for squats and stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts. Same thing--my legs were very sore (especially my quads.)

- Douglas Thompson

Best bands on the market !!
I am here to tell you that these are the real deal for the use of BFR training. I have had three different type of bands before these and these by far enhance the program. Other bands twist at the buckle and loosen themselves during training. Not these!! They stay tight and firm. Best product by far I have used. I would highly recommend these bands to any weight training program.

- Michael D. Waters

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