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Sale PRO-X Edition BFR Bands - Just Pull to Tighten™️

PRO-X Edition BFR Bands - Just Pull to Tighten™️

$37.97 $67.97

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BFR Bands

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  • Optimal 2 inch width
  • Great for Men or Women
  • Includes 2 bands so you can train upper, or lower body (for most individuals)
  • Ultra comfortable and durable elastic material 
  • Patent-Pending, Easy Pull-to-Tighten Pinch-Free Buckle 
  • Patent-Pending Pressure Tracking System so you can train with Symmetry and Precision
  • Elastic Loop holder to hold the slack in place
  • Includes Free Copy of the BFR Training ebook
  • 25 inches in length


*Carrying case sold separately


Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews Write a review

Perfect bands if You want Bigger Arms
If you don't want your arms to grow, you might want to stay away from these. I have tried the classic and Pro BFR bands and they were great... but the Pro-X are even better. They are so easy to adjust and get the same tension on each side. There's also a piece that holds the strap and keeps it from flapping around. I highly recommend Occlusion training and specifically these bands here.

- John B

Great Bands
These are very comfortable on the arm while working out. Easy to put on and take off one handed. An excellent product.

Thomas Totman

"These bands are great!"
I do pyramid sets and burnout sets at the end, with the bands I can start with the burnout sets! With a slight variation I'm doing the 30-10-10-10 rep sets. They are a little short for my legs so it takes a few extra seconds to apply (I'm at stretching point when putting them around my legs) it's great when something comes up and I'm pressed for time to get a workout in or just for variation to keep things fresh.

- Michael D O'Briain

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