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Accessories designed for Blood Flow Restriction Training, also known as Kaatsu or Occlusion Training
Pair of Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps Includes hook & loop fastener tape and thumb loop Great for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and more! These weight lifting wrist wraps are 3 inches wide made of a highly durable & comfortable material. They include hook & loop fastener tape and thumb loop for secure...
3 INCH WIDE KNEE WRAPS - Great for Squats, Powerlifting, Occlusion Training, BFR Training & More! 80 INCHES LONG - Double or triple wrap around the legs, and secure with Hook and Loop Fastener Tape. ULTRA DURABLE & COMFORTABLE - Made of a strong, durable elastic you will enjoy many...
-40% New
EZ Grips (Pre-Sale)
EZ Grips (Pre-Sale)
-40% New
Angled Fat Bar Grips (Pair) Ideal 17 Degree Angle  Enhance Muscle Activation Better for Your Wrists & Elbows during Bicep Curls and Tricep Extensions Instantly Turn Your Barbell into an EZ Curl Bar Pre-Order Now! Ships Early March.
IMPROVED MOBILITY: Recovery Hacks Neuro Floss works wonders at improving joint mobility, making it the perfect tool for avoiding injury while working out. QUICK RECOVERY: This godsend mobility floss provides instant relief from soreness after a day of dominating that squat rack or running that 5K. UNMATCHED ELASTICITY: You’ll be...
No more slack! A common issue with BFR training is the extra slack left over after wrapping the bands around your limbs. With the BFR Clips, you can hold the slack in place so it doesn’t get in your way. This is for a pair of 2 clips.
Premium Thick Bar Grips - BFR GRIPS - One Inch Diameter Fits Standard Olympic Barbells and Dumbbells - Textured Extra Thick Anti-Slip Design - Includes A Bar Grips Carrying Case SUPERIOR DESIGN! Designed to enjoy your bars with grips in any occasion like weightlifting, gymnastics, pull-ups, or Cross Training makes...

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